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March 10, 2016

Why Selecting A Rugged EMI/RFI Filter Is Critical For Many Applications

High Current Feedthrough EMI/RFI noise filters are available with many different form factors and circuit designs…From simple C-type filters to L-C and multistage “Pi” filters (C-L-C), there is a wide range of solutions that exist on the market. However, most feedthrough filter designs use technology and construction techniques which make them susceptible to harsh environmental conditions like Shock, Vibration, and Extreme Temperatures.

P1 Hybrid

Why It Matters, A Practical Example: Electric or Hybrid Vehicle power systems is one particular example where high-current filters are required and must also prove to be rugged and reliable under extreme conditions…From the shock and vibration of thousands of miles of road use, to the extreme temperature ranges experienced in locations around the globe, any component used within an automotive design must be rugged and reliable. The same principles are just as important, if not more so, when applied to other high power systems found in applications such as those in the Aerospace, Industrial, and Medical fields.

Summary: There is a wide range of available filter designs, form factors, and circuit designs available on the market today, but there are many applications and programs where a Rugged design with extreme Shock, Vibration, and Temperature ratings is just as important to the selection process as the basic filter performance factors (such as a specified level (dB) of Insertion Loss and the thru-current rating.)

300 Ampere Rated Feedthru Filter - HPR300

How do NexTek solutions differ?:  NexTek’s HPR family of high current filters are C-type devices that utilize a unique and patented design and construction technique, which mechanically de-couples the Capacitive filtering elements from the main thru-current path of the filter. This design allows for safe and reliable performance in the most extreme environments for the most demanding of applications.

  • Mechanically De-Coupled Capacitor Filtering Elements – More rugged than most Ceramic Capacitor based designs
  • Extreme Temperature Range Ratings -55 to +95C – Less susceptible to overheating than Film Foil Capacitor based designs

More about the HPR Series of Feedthrough Filters: NexTek HPR Series of EMI/RFI feedthrough filters incorporate some advanced design techniques that are unique within the industry, allowing rugged designs that can handle whatever you throw at them! When this extreme performance is combined with other design factors such as their compact form factors, high frequency filtering performance, and the wide range of available Cap Values and Voltage Ratings…NexTek’s HPR series of DC Feedthrough power noise filters are uniquely suited to solve any filtering problem!

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