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NexTek was founded in 1986 to supply EMI/EMC solutions to businesses across the globe in various vertical markets. NexTek’s goal is to provide customers with cost-effective, high-quality, high-performance solutions and service. We are an excellence-oriented engineering company that provides best-in-class lightning protection and EMC/power conditioning products and services. NexTek designs, develops, manufactures, and markets EMI/EMC solutions internationally. We provide technical resources and solves customers’ EMC challenges using our technical expertise established over 35 years.

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World-Class Product Design & Manufacturing

At NexTek we design and build every product we sell at our Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility in North Billerica, MA. Co-location of the NexTek Engineering and Manufacturing teams allows tight quality control, effective manufacturing support, and rapid response to requests or issues. Fundamental to our success is high-quality products.

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Exceptional Support & Service

NexTek has the technical and design expertise to address a wide range of applications with a wide range of possible solutions, no matter the specific problem and application. Our ability to offer standard, modified, and completely custom solutions provides our customers confidence they will receive the ideal solution for their given set of requirements.

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Certified Quality Control Processes

With 30 Years of experience providing solutions to markets where Quality Control is essential, NexTek has a proven history. With the NexTek Engineering, Quality, & Manufacturing departments being co-located, these teams are able work together closely to maintain Quality Control. NexTek is ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.


35+ years and going strong.

NexTek was founded in 1986 in Westford, Massachusetts, USA, by two engineers as a consulting firm for custom EMC solutions and applications.

In the early 1990s our focus shifted to standardized high volume designs of coaxial lightning protectors and high current feedthrough filters. NexTek identified these markets within the larger EMC envelope as a place where our years of EMC experience could be leveraged to provide advanced solutions for a growing market.

NexTek’s main focus is two-fold: Compact High Current High Frequency Filtering and Coaxial RF Protector design using gas discharge, quarter-wave and filter technology. We offer high quality products to market leaders, and continue to evolve products to solve customer problems. We are an engineering-excellence oriented company, with depth of experience in the RF, EMC, and Lightning Protection field.

Our current headquarters is in North Billerica, MA, and houses our Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, Testing, Sales, and Marketing teams.

We’ve earned the trust of some of the biggest names in defense.

For over 30 years NexTek has supported the world’s leading defense contractors, integrating our products into some of the most recognized military programs around the globe.

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“Nextek is a high valuable supplier for Electrade and all our customers in Germany and parts of the EU. The quality of Nextek products is first class in the world. We appreciate the excellent service and support from Nextek staff for standard products and custom designed solutions. The respond time for all questions and requests is extremely fast.”

Dieter Mühlberger
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"For over 35 year NexTek has been the leader in high performance lightening protection and ECM/Power conditioning. Their 'Made in the USA' RF Surge Protectors, High Current EMI/EMC Filters and Power/LAN Surge Suppressors have been the go-to solution for customers across Defense, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Transportation, Medical, Energy and EV markets. At East Coast Microwave we are proud to be celebrating our 20 year as a franchised distributor for NexTek and thank them for their continuous excellence in supporting us and our customers."

Alan Mond
President & CVO
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“We have been working with NexTek many years and these four words sum up NexTek; Honesty, fast response, experience and quality. We’re very happy and satisfied with NexTek”

Tahir Yildirim

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