RF Surge Protection Solutions for Cellular RF Bands

NexTek provides EMC compliance solutions for various customers in the form of coaxial RF surge protection solutions for cellular RF bands. With the proliferation of wireless radios and communications across all industries and the Internet of Things(IoT) becoming a reality, the number of radios and antennae in a given home or workplace is growing every day. Much of this wireless communication uses existing cellular networks and technology, such as the GSM, CDMA, and LTE bands. For any radio, cable, or antenna that sits outside, there is a serious risk of lightning damage which would result in downtime and service & replacement costs. You can count on NexTek surge arrestors to protect your system, and help to avoid the need to roll a service tech, replace a radio, or deal with a customer service complaint.

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Common Standards

  • NEC
  • NFPA
  • Motorola R56
  • IEC 61000

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