Out-of-this-world protection. Literally.

NexTek has been providing surge protection and power filtering solutions for various aerospace applications across the commercial and military spectrum for over 25 years. Some example solutions include one-off surge suppression boxes for instrumented test flights during airframe development for a major Airplane Manufacturer, standard high current filters used to provide EMI/RFI protection on radar systems for a military aircraft, and most recently some customized arrestors for an In Flight Entertainment and Cellular Service system to provide DO-160 compliance for the system.

No matter what your requirements set, we will work closely with you to recommend the perfect solution that takes into account all of your needs and priorities. Whether this means using a standard arrestor or a customized solution. NexTek has the expertise to consider all available options across the cost & complexity spectrum.

Every NexTek design is optimized to cope with extreme environmental requirements such as extreme shock & vibration, altitude, and temperature and provide long-lasting protection no matter what the operating environment. High quality solutions are a must for aerospace applications, and NexTek filters and arrestors provide long term reliability and exceptional performance which makes them perfectly suited for this work.

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Common Standards


  • RTCA-DO-160G; 22
  • SAE ARP5416
  • AirFramers Lightning Requirements
  • Boeing D6-16050-5


  • RTCA-DO-160G; 18, 19, 20, 21
  • MIL-STD 461
  • MIL-STD 464

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