HPR High Current Feedthrough Filter – Simplified Circuit

C-Type Feedthrough Filter - Circuit Diagram

NexTek’s HPR series of High Current Feedthrough EMI/RFI filters are designed to solve EMI and EMC problems in demanding high current applications. NexTek’s filter designs utilize advanced design principles in order to effectively de-couple the filtering Capacitance from the filter main body…This means that HPR series filters are extremely robust and will withstand the harshest of shock, vibration, and temperature requirements and maintain it’s high performance characteristics. HPR series filters are available in a wide range of Capacitance Values and Voltage Ratings, for applications from 35 Amperes of RMS Current up to 400 Amperes+. HPR series filters are currently used all around the world as a part of Industrial Laser systems, within multiple Electric and Hybrid Vehicle designs, and in various Power Conversion applications related to other Civilian or Military applications.

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