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Coaxial Solutions

NexTek, LLC. has designed and developed a variety Coaxial RF Solutions with multiple interconnection interfaces and functionalities for system implementation and test applications. These Coaxial RF Solutions provide mechanical connectivity and precision RF performance components and functionality. NexTek Coaxial RF Solutions are comprised of a line of standard product families:

  • In and Between Series Adapters
  • DC Block Adapters
  • DC Inject Adapters
  • RF Sampler Adapters
  • Band Pass Filters for Preventing RF Interference
  • Precision Cable Assemblies
  • Test Accessories

NexTek has the product technology and manufacturing expertise to provide custom Coaxial RF Solutions to specific requirements. Providing In-Series and Between Series Adapters, Precision Cable Assemblies, DC Block or DC Inject Adapters, RF Samplers, and other passive RF components and functionalities.

NexTek also has introduced a line of RF Coaxial Test Kits and Portable Protector Voltage Testers that can check any surge lightning device to confirm proper functionality protecting critical RF equipment from damage.

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Product Families