PTR Replaceable Gas Discharge Tube

PTC-PTR Circuit Diagram

Replaceable Gas Discharge Tube arrestors provide wideband performance and excellent all-around protection from lightning and other transient sources. These arrestors will pass DC current, and their RF Power rating is defined by the Gas Discharge Tube Operating Voltage.   Arrestors that use a single-stage Gas Discharge Tube design general have extremely wide RF pass bands, and can cover the DC (0Hz) to 3GHz+ range within a single device.  The difference as compared to the PTC series is the ability to replace the Gas Tube itself in the field, to extend the product lifetime.

*example product shown

Connector Types

  • N-Type
  • TNC
  • SMA
  • BNC
  • 7/16 DIN
  • UHF

Frequency Range

  • 0 – 3200 MHz

Threat Types

  • ESD

Design Highlights

  • Replaceable Gas Discharge Tube

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