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NexTek provides EMC compliance solutions for various Wireless RF customers in the form of coaxial RF lightning & surge protection and high current feedthrough filters. For Cell Service Providers, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, or any Mesh Network type of radio system, it is essential to select the proper EMC related solutions to ensure compliance, high performance, and high reliability (uptime.)

Whether the challenge is to protect radio equipment from lightning damage or ensuring EMI/RFI compliance of a power supply or convertor, NexTek products provide the performance and lifetime ratings to meet or exceed the needs of any RF or IF coaxial feed line. At the same time, NexTek knows how to balance the price and performance equation to meet the volume, timing, and performance needs in order to come up with the optimal solution for any customer.

Whether the application involves the Cellular Bands, ISM Bands like Wi-Fi and 900MHz, the Satellite Bands, or any other wireless radio signal across the spectrum including point-to-point and point-to-multiple systems. You can count on NexTek surge arrestors to protect your radios, and NexTek filters to quell any RFI/EMI concerns.

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  • Motorola R56, IEC61000

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