EMI/RFI Susceptibility

NexTek has nearly 30 Years of EMC-related experience in providing solutions which provide protection against EMI/RFI susceptibility. Essentially, this means that most machinery and equipment used in the world are held to specific EMI immunity levels in order to ensure that RFI/EMI energy nearby does not interfere with normal operation or safety. This noise may be from a local source, like the piece of equipment installed next to it, or from a long distance away, such as a radio station or radar, for example.

There are many standards which set specific limits, derived from calculations and based on expected interference levels for a certain system.  For example, most cars are subject to EMI susceptibility standards in each country they are sold in order to ensure that your car continues to operate as you drive by an airport radar or your local radio station!

EMI/RFI Susceptibility

There are many relevant agencies and organizations that define Susceptibility requirements, such as IEC, ISO, CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, FCC, SAE, BSI, and VDE. Usually these requirements are defined as a set of limits (i.e. dB limits) across the relevant frequency spectrum, and if emissions are over these levels then the system is in violation of the applicable requirement.

NexTek's HPR series of EMI/RFI filters for DC & AC power lines >35Amps continuous provide excellent filtering up to 1GHz and beyond!  Typical Insertion Loss figures are 60dB minimum to 1GHz, and the 60dB point is dependent on the Capacitance Value of a specific filter configuration.

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