RF Arrestor

NexTek’s range of Coaxial RF Surge and Lightning Arrestors are designed and built to provide robust protection for any Radio or Coaxial RF transmission application. NexTek arrestors are high-performance designs; which pair excellent RF thru-performance (i.e. low losses) with industry-leading Surge and Lightning performance ratings for long-lasting and worry-free protection.

These units help to prevent or minimize damage and injury to your Radios, Equipment, and Users and to ensure maximum reliability and uptime.

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Connector Types

  • N
  • TNC
  • SMA
  • 7/16 DIN
  • 4.3-10
  • MMCX
  • BNC
  • 75Ω Type F
  • and more

Frequency Range

  • DC (0) to 18GHz (for standard commercial products)
  • Extended Frequency Ranges Available on Request

Threat Types

  • Lightning [LEMP]
  • Static [ESD]
  • High Speed [EMP]

Design Highlights

  • Excellent RF Performance
  • Class-Leading Surge Ratings
  • High Quality Design & Materials
  • Compact Form Factors
  • Designed, Assembled, and Tested in the USA

Product Families