QSS Quarter-Wavelength Shorted Stub

Quarter Wavelength Shorted Stub arrestors provide excellent response and transient handling characteristics, do not age or wear out over time, and are DC-blocked by design.  Because they use an internal dead short, there is no “turn-on” or “response” time…Quarter wavelength stubs are “always-on” and limiting energy that is outside of the rated RF Pass Band(s).  The QSS model uses a unique and patented “stubless” design to avoid any protrusions or t-style stubs that project 90 degrees from the thru-path transmission line.   This allows the user to take advantage of the positive characteristics of a Quarter Wavelength Stub Arrestor in terms of Surge Current Ratings, Transient Response and Residual Energy Ratings, and Lifetime…but it can be used in applications where traditional T-style arrestors may not fit!

*example product shown

Connector Types

  • N-Type
  • TNC
  • 4.3-10

Frequency Range

  • 0.300 – 6 GHz

Threat Types

  • ESD
  • EMP
  • LEMP

Design Highlights

  • Quarter Wavelength Shorted Stub

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