Cut the Cord, Keep the Surge Protection

With the explosive and continuing growth of wireless communications technologies, it makes sense that many industries are now integrating more and more wireless radios into systems across almost every industrial market. SCADA wireless monitoring is used for pipeline and oil rig data monitoring, and is also used across many industrial automation applications such as within factories and production facilities. For applications that are using SCADA or another remote wireless monitoring technology (ISM 900 and 2400MHz bands, for example), any system that uses an antenna, cable, or radio placed outdoors is at major risk of lightning damage which could cause down time in remote locations. Proper selection and installation of a coaxial lightning arrestor in-line with the radio will prevent surge-related damage from occurring, thereby avoiding the need to send a technician and ensuring maximum uptime on a system level. Don't settle for cheap protection of your wireless monitoring or automation system. Use NexTek high performance lightning protection.

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Common Standards

  • NEC
  • NFPA
  • SCTE

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