PVT-HH Handheld Protection Voltage Tester

This handheld tester allows for a health check-up on any NexTek Lightning arrestor, and really any Surge Protection device with a Limiting Device inside (Gas Discharge Tube [GDT], Metal Oxide Varistor [MOV], or Diodes of any kind) that is meant to operate at a set Protection Voltage rating up to 1000V.

In fact, this device can also be used to verify proper operation of shunting devices by confirming the internal short within a Quarter Wavelength Shorted Stub or any other Shunting or Shorting-type arrestor design.

The standard PVT-HH comes with a Type N female connector to connect directly to Type N arrestors, but is also available with between-series adapters for other Coaxial Connector types and Alligator Clips for use on non-coaxial protection devices.

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Handheld Tester – PVT-HH Datasheet [.PDF]

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