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June 22, 2023

Solutions for High Altitude EMP (HEMP) Events

NexTek solutions for High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) events. Solutions include HEMP Rated & Tested products made in the USA. A brief overview of HEMP is provided. Click the link or image below to read the .pdf version, and please contact for any inquiries.

HEMP Brochure Digital Version

HEMP Brochure Digital Cover

There are four EMP Protection Levels defined by the U.S. Government, and they are outlined in the table below. These levels were initially developed at the request of the federal Continuity Communications Managers Group (CCMG), but are applicable to any organization that desires to protect its electronics and critical infrastructures. The levels of protection required are in part based upon the acceptable downtime of a given system. It follows logically that the more critical the system, the higher level of protection recommended.

NexTek has developed an array of High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse HEMP Solutions covering each of the four HEMP protection levels. From the most basic level-1 protection Gas Discharge Tube arrestors, NexTek’s PTC & PTR Series arrestors, to the most advanced HEMP Rated & Tested Solutions offering level-4 protection, NexTek’s FPH Series arrestors. We have RF surge protectors designed and tested for HEMP, as well as COTS products that meet MIL-STD 188-125-1, MIL-STD 188-125-2, & MIL-STD-461 Standards. MIL-STD 188-125 20x500ns testing.


• High-Speed Protection Designs
• Ultra-Low Let-Through Energy
• Meet MIL-STD Requirements for EMP
• Type N, TNC, SMA
• Bands from DC to 18GHz
• Tested and Verified Designs

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