Updated Industry and Technology Pages – Automotive, Aerospace, Rugged Mobile Electronics, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Pages

We are proud to announce that we have posted some updated and revised Industry and Technology pages to nextek.com! The new pages have been expanded and edited to include more useful information about each Industry or Technology including additional descriptive language, common industry standards, new photos, and additional links to other pages on our website…

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New Page: Coaxial Surge Protector Home Page

Coaxial Surge Arrestor Landing Page Thumbnail

NexTek, LLC. is proud to announce the release of our brand-new Coax Surge Arrestor Home Page, found HERE. The new landing page includes the following information and links: BASIC PRODUCT INFO: The new landing page contains a multitude of basic information about NexTek’s line of coaxial lightning and surge suppressors, including: Connector Types Offered Threat…

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Updated Product Family Pages – Now Including Circuit Diagrams!

FPL-FPN Circuit Diagram

NexTek is proud to announce that our Product Family Pages have been updated and expanded with new descriptions and circuit diagram graphics. The landing pages for each family of coaxial lightning arrestors, and also the HPR line of high current filters, have been updated.  See below for links to each updated page! Coaxial Arrestor Product…

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What We Do – Coaxial Arrestor Threat Type Pages

NexTek, LLC. has launched some new pages under the What We Do section of nextek.com. There are now separate pages covering each of the most common Threat Types that NexTek offers solutions for within the coaxial arrestor market; Lightning [LEMP] Static [ESD] High Speed EMP [EMP/HEMP/NEMP] There is now a separate landing page for each threat…

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2D Product Drawings and 3D Product Models Now Available

NexTek, LLC. has recently begun uploading 2D Drawings (.DXF files) and 3D Models (.STP files) for the products currently found on nextek.com The availability of 2D and 3D product data for NexTek’s standard product range is meant to make life easier for Engineering and Procurement folks to find detailed product information. NexTek’s goal is to…

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