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April 7, 2015

2D Product Drawings and 3D Product Models Now Available

NexTek, LLC. has recently begun uploading 2D Drawings (.DXF files) and 3D Models (.STP files) for the products currently found on

The availability of 2D and 3D product data for NexTek’s standard product range is meant to make life easier for Engineering and Procurement folks to find detailed product information. NexTek’s goal is to provide customers and potential users with as much technical information as possible, in order to aid design and product selection efforts.

HPR300 3D Exterior

Using this detailed dimension information, a product can be trial fit during a design process to ensure proper fitment and adequate space.  We can help users to trial, check, and design-in a NexTek product without ever having to procure a physical sample!

2D and 3D data will be available for all product across NexTek’s range of coaxial surge protectors and high current feedthrough filters. If a specific file or model is not available, get in touch with NexTek directly to request it!

To check a specific product, visit the Products Page

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