Featured Link: “The Science Behind Lightning’s Electric Shows”


Today’s post features a short but interesting article on wired.com, which explains the fundamentals behind how lightning is formed and works! Also included in this post are some interesting lightning-related photos which include some unique shots of various lightning bolts and their effects!  For example, did you know that the earth itself operates as a massive…

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Product Design Spotlight – Arrestors: Surge Ratings

As one of NexTek’s primary product lines, our range of Coaxial Surge Protectors is designed to cover a wide range of potential application requirements with high-performance, military-grade designs that are built using top-notch quality control systems. This post will focus on Surge Ratings and how they relate to coaxial arrestors. Why are Surge Ratings Important?: The…

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EMP Related Surge Events – Information & Protection

HEMP, NEMP, EMP Effects over USA

In a world where electronics are everywhere and our everyday lives are so dependent on technology, the thought of a “worst-case” EMP event is pretty scary! EMP Pulses, whether formed by a nuclear event, solar radiation, IEMI, or another source altogether, have the potential to knock out any and all unprotected and non-hardened electronics over…

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