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August 27, 2015

EMP Related Surge Events – Information & Protection

In a world where electronics are everywhere and our everyday lives are so dependent on technology, the thought of a “worst-case” EMP event is pretty scary! EMP Pulses, whether formed by a nuclear event, solar radiation, IEMI, or another source altogether, have the potential to knock out any and all unprotected and non-hardened electronics over a huge portion of the planet.

HEMP, NEMP, EMP Effects over USA


Map of Estimated Effects of High Altitude EMP Blast over the United States



The Wall Street Journal published an article earlier this year which details this threat and gives some interesting information about what is being considered in order to address it!

Read the Wall Street Journal Story Here [Outside Link]

As the country decides how to prepare our Electrical Grid and the rest of our country for this potential problem… NexTek, LLC. has the experience to design and manufacture coaxial EMP arrestors to protect any coaxial cable or radio system from high-speed EMP type pulses.

In fact, NexTek’s first product design was an EMP protector for a secured phone system. This design was completed in 1986, and we have maintained the expertise needed to offer protection against the most stringent of EMP requirements since then!

Coaxial RF applications can be especially tricky to protect against high-speed pulses, since the energy content of the transient pulse is actually in the MHz range… This unwanted energy’s frequency content can overlap with the normal RF Pass Bands, making protection and limitation of the EMP pulse without limitation of normal Radio operation extremely difficult!

To Learn More about NexTek’s EMP Protection Products for Coaxial RF Communications Lines:

EMP Threat Type Page
FPN Series – Fast Response Coaxial Surge Arrestors

To Learn More about EMP, Visit Wikipedia Below:

EMP Page on Wikipedia [Outside Link]


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