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May 27, 2015

Updated Product Family Pages – Now Including Circuit Diagrams!

NexTek is proud to announce that our Product Family Pages have been updated and expanded with new descriptions and circuit diagram graphics.

FPL-FPN Circuit Diagram

The landing pages for each family of coaxial lightning arrestors, and also the HPR line of high current filters, have been updated.  See below for links to each updated page!

Coaxial Arrestor Product Families

BTL – Bias Tees with Lightning Protection

FPL – Multistage/Fine Protection

FPN – Multistage/Fine Protection

PTC – Fixed Gas Discharge Tube Protection

PTR – Replaceable Gas Discharge Tube Protection

QSS – Quarter Wavelength Stub (Stubless) Protection

QWS – Quarter Wavelength Stub Protection

 High Current Filter Product Families

HPR – High Current Feedthrough Filters

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