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September 29, 2015

Article Spotlight: Feedthrough EMI/RFI Filters For High Current Applications – Part 2

High Current Feedthrough Filter - Installation ExampleAs Part 2 of a three part series of articles covering High Current Feedthrough EMI Filters, from the basics of power filtering, factors that are unique to high current filters, all the way through to accurate feedthrough filter performance measurement.

If you have not seen Part 1 of this Series, start here:  Compact EMI Filtering for High Current Applications, Pt 1

This week’s article focuses on how to properly size and select a high current feedthrough filter, and proceed through the various calculations and analysis required to qualify a feedthrough filter for a given application.  This process includes consideration of multiple factors that are important for any high current filter application, most related to thermal issues regarding thru-current and RF Shunt [Filtering] current levels.

Topics Included C-Type Filter Comparisonin Part 2:
  • Capacitance Value vs Filter Performance
  • Thermal Issues
    • Thru-Resistance/Dissipation
    • Local Connections
    • Total Temperature Rise
  • RF Shunt Current Calculation & Limits
Click Below To Open NexTek’s “High-Current, High-Frequency Filtering With Feedthrough Caps” Article As .PDF File:

Article – High-Current, High-Frequency Filtering With Feedthrough Caps (.PDF)

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