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August 21, 2015

Article Spotlight – Compact EMI Filtering for High Current Applications, Pt. 1

Would you like to know more about High Current EMI/RFI Filtering, starting with the basics of power filtering?

This week’s Content Spotlight focuses on a NexTek technical article which lays out everything you need to know when designing a high current system.  The white paper includes information about the basics of power filtering, consideration of filtering requirements, and how to make the choice between various filter types.

For more information about EMI & RFI Filtering of High Current Power Lines up to 400 Amps and beyond, NexTek is proud to highlight our “Compact Filtering for High Current & High Frequency Applications” technical article, which was originally published in Power Electronics magazine in 2009.

High Current Feedthrough Filter - Installation Example

Topics Included in Part 1:
  • Why High Current Filtering? – A quick summary of where and why high current EMI & RFI filters are used.
  • Filtering Basics – A basic overview of the equivalent circuit of a High Current Feedthrough Filter and its various sub-components.
  • Equivalent Series Resistance – “The Limiting Factor” explains how series resistance is the major factor in limiting most Capacitors’ effectiveness at high frequencies, and how NexTek’s HPR design avoids this limitation to provide filtering to 1GHz+
  • Achieving High Insertion Loss – A review of the various design options available for increasing the amount of Insertion Loss a filter provides.
  • Advances in High Current Filtering – A review of the various advanced design features integrated into the HPR High Current Filter family.
Click Below To Open NexTek’s “Compact Filtering for High Current and High Frequency Applications” Article As .PDF File:

Article – NexTek Feedthrough Filters – Compact Filtering Pt 1

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