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April 12, 2016

Three Critical Factors for Comparing and Selecting an EMI Filter

There are three major criterion to pay attention to when comparing different EMI filters and trying to select the proper solution for a given application.

C-Type Filter Comparison

  • Filtering Performance

    • As filtering performance is the reason for any filter to exist in the first place, this is a crucial selection factor.
      • All filters are not created equal, both in terms of Maximum Insertion Loss and their performance up to High Frequencies (MHz to GHz+ range.)
      • Look for filters which maintain a high level of Insertion Loss through and beyond your major Frequency of Concern.

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  • Ruggedness and Ratings

    • For many applications where there are extreme environmental requirements such as Extreme Temperature Ranges, Shock & Vibration, and others are present…A filter’s ratings and performance across every type of application are an important way to vet any component for use in harsh environments
      • Some filters have extremely limited Temperature Range Ratings, especially in terms of Maximum Temperature
      • Some filters have a limited ability to withstand Shock and Vibration, and therefore would not be suitable for any type of mobile application.

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300 Ampere Rated Feedthru Filter - HPR300

  • Size and Form Factor

    • For most applications Size and Weight are important design considerations, and for many applications they are absolutely critical.
      • Compare filters with equivalent Filtering Performance and Current Ratings to determine the most compact option available!
      • Compare wire lug or busbar attachment styles to determine the ideal solution for your application.

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