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September 1, 2015

Product Spotlight: Lightning Arrestor for High RF Power Broadcast Applications

NexTek’s portfolio of available Coaxial Surge Arrestors contains one design that is uniquely suited for High RF Power radio applications. With Protection Voltage Ratings of up to 3500V and RF Power Ratings of up to 30kW+, the PTR7AF7AFxxK1 is uniquely suited to provide Lightning Protection for High RF Power installations.


The availability of 1400, 2500, and 3500V ratings mean that there is a specific configuration available to suit any RF Power level. Most coaxial Lightning Arrestors are available with ratings up to 800 or 1000Vdc and have Type N connectors as the largest available option, while the PTR7AF7AFxxK1 uses the following unique design features:

    • High Power Capable 7/16 DIN (female) connectors
    • High Power Capable Thru-Path Geometry which meets or exceeds 7/16 DIN RF Power ratings
    • High Voltage GDTs (1400V, 2500V, 3500V)
    • Multiple Gas Discharge Tubes (5 per arrestor) for a Long Lifetime
    • Replaceable Gas Discharge Tubes to allow periodic service or repair (as needed)

Don’t settle for Spark Gap protection for lightning & surge protection of your High Power Broadcast system. Old-school solutions like “spark gaps” can have Residual Voltage peaks of 10kV+, which can be enough transient energy to damage radio and amplifier outputs!

Instead, select the proper Protection Voltage based on your application details… then select the Protection Voltage which will allow normal radio operation and broadcasting, but is also low enough to turn-on quickly and limit Transient energy as much as possible during a lightning strike.

High RF Power Coaxial Arrestor - DC to 1GHz - Multiple Gas Discharge Tubes

High RF Power Coaxial Arrestor – DC to 1GHz – Multiple Gas Discharge Tubes

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For more information on how to make the appropriate calculations and select a Coaxial RF Lightning Protector; See the PTR7AF7AFxxK1 Product Datasheet for additional information, as well as a NexTek Technical Article published in Microwave Product Digest in 2011 entitled “Lightning Protection for High RF Power Applications.”

Product Information – PTR7AF7AFxxK1 Product Page (link)
Technical Article – Lightning Protection for High RF Power Applications (.PDF)
Coaxial Arrestor Home – Arrestor Products Page (link)

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