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July 22, 2015

Summer Lightning Safety

With the elevated temperatures and increased humidity that arrive with summer, also come increased Thunderstorm activity. In the United States, thunderstorms and lightning strikes are at their peak during the summer months of June, July, and August. Crucially, this is also the time of year that people spend the most time outdoors…You know all of the classic summer activities!


Whether you are at the beach, pool, park, campground, or simply your own backyard… Be sure that you know how to stay safe if a thunderstorm is approaching.

One excellent resource for personal Lightning Safety is the NOAA Lightning Safety Page

The primary point is to be aware of the weather at all times, and to head indoors to a safe-area as soon as you hear thunder. If you are hearing thunder, even distant rumbles, then you are close enough to the storm to be in danger!

See another summary of Lightning Safety Tips from

Enjoy the warm temperatures and make the most out of your outdoor time…But be sure to Stay Safe and be aware of the risks that Thunderstorms pose!

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