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November 3, 2015

Product Spotlight: Next Generation Feedthrough Filter

NexTek HPR300 Series Feedthrough Filter

NexTek’s portfolio of available High Current EMI/RFI Filters contains only one design which combines all of our Next Generation Design Features. With a design that utilizes lightweight materials, an ultra-compact overall length, 300 Ampere rating, and a bulkhead O-Ring feature…The HPR300 series is ready for the most demanding filter applications.

Feedthrough EMI/RFI filters are used to remove high frequency RF noise from power lines, either to prevent susceptibility issues from external noise sources or to squelch the noise that is being produced within the system they are being used on.

  • Compact Form Factor – 300 Amp Rated with Minimal Overall Length
  • Bolt-Style Electrode Attachment –Compact, Hardware can be Sized to Suit
  • Lightweight Construction – Aluminum Main Body, Small Size
  • Bulkhead Sealing — O-Ring Groove Feature Provides Seal
  • Rugged Design – Capacitance is Mechanically De-Coupled, Providing A Robust Solution
  • High Reliability Versions Available – Screened Units for High-Rel or Aerospace Applications

Nci-vol-2268-300_argon_ion_laserAvailable with Application Voltage Ratings of up to 1000Vdc and 440Vac and a wide range of Capacitance Values, the HPR300 series is truly the next generation of Feedthrough Filter design.

Don’t settle for ancient designs, old technology, or anything less than the most advanced and robust feedthrough filter available!

Example Applications:

  • Power Supplies, Power Distribution Units, or on Power Lines for:
    • Industrial or Medical Lasers
    • Electric or Hybrid Vehicles
    • Military Applications
      • Vehicle Power Distribution
      • Aerospace
      • Radar & Communications Systems
    • Medical Equipment


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