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June 12, 2015

Revised Product Selection Tool Launched – Coaxial Lightning Arrestors

NexTek is proud to announce that our newly revised Product Selection Tool for our Coaxial Lightning Arrestor Products is now live!

The tool is now easier-to-use and can be used to down-select from NexTek’s range of standard arrestors.

Coaxial Lightning & Surge Arrestor Selection Tool - NexTek

Down-select from all available products by the following parameters:

  • Product Family/Protection Technology
  • RF Pass Band Frequency Range
  • Connectors 1 & 2 Type Preference (N, SMA, TNC, BNC, 7/16 DIN, etc.)
  • DC Pass Required (Y/N)

No matter what the RF application, the revised Product Selection Tool will help you identify the right solution for your needs.

Anywhere there is an antenna or cable installed outside and potentially exposed to Lightning Damage, there is a potential requirement for the installation of a high quality and high performance Coaxial Surge Arrestor.

With a wide range of standard products available, NexTek is likely to have a protection solution available which will prevent damage to your radio/system.  Follow the link below to explore the new tool!



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