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May 1, 2014

NexTek Releases Wide Band 2.2 GHz to 7.6 GHz Coaxial Lightning Protection for Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Satellite, LTE, & ISM Applications

Optimized wideband performance for 802.11 / UNII / ISM applications Compact design with minimal VSWR and insertion loss Ruggedized, weatherproof 60kA bi-directional transient surge protection

Westford, MA, May 1, 2014 – – NexTek, LLC., a leading designer of best-in-class lightning protection and EMC / power conditioning products and services, announces the release of a new line of SurgeGuard™ quarter wave stub lightning protectors. Designed specifically for LTE, Wi-Fi, and WiMAX applications, the QWS600 series exceeds 802.11, UNII, ISM and MIL-STD-202 standards for usage between 2.2 GHz and 7.6 GHz. OEMs have begun installing the QWS600 series in wireless applications that operate within this frequency range. The QWS600 series is extremely compact, measuring only 63.9 mm (2.52”) long X 39.6 mm(1.55”). It features best-in-class performance specifications including bi-directional protection, low VSWR (1.05:1 typical) and Insertion Loss (0.15dB typical), high RF power, and ultra-low let-through energy ratings. Using robust materials such as Nickel-plated Brass, gold-plated Beryllium Copper pins, and Teflon insulators the maintenance free QWS600 series is ruggedized, weatherproof to IP68 standards, and can withstand multiple strikes as well as very high transients up to 60kApk. The QWS600 SurgeGuard™ series of lightning arrestors is available with Type N connectors in Male to Female or Female to Female gender configurations, and also features provisions for an M8 mounting or grounding attachment to allow for multiple mounting options. These arrestors are value-priced under $50 in OEM quantities. For more information or a datasheet with complete product specifications, visit


NexTek’s SurgeGuard™ QWS600 series Lightning Protection for 2.2 - 7.6 GHz

About NexTek, LLC.
NexTek is an excellence-oriented engineering company providing best-in-class lightning and surge protection, power conditioning products and general EMC/Surge expertise to a wide array of markets. NexTek designs, develops, manufactures and markets Surge Protection and EMI/EMC solutions internationally. NexTek provides technical resources and solves customers’ EMC challenges by providing cost-effective, high-quality, high-performance products and services. EMC Threat Types include Conducted and Radiated EMI/RFI, Static (ESD), EMP and Lightning.

NexTek offers a high quality standard product line and continues to evolve products to solve customer challenges. The core product portfolio is based upon coaxial RF protector designs using gas discharge, quarter-wave and filter technology. The industry-leading product portfolio delivers both superior performance and value for wireless communications, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, aviation, GPS and military applications. NexTek’s corporate headquarters, located in Westford, Massachusetts, house the Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain departments. NexTek is a Small Business that designs and manufactures products in the United States. For more information about NexTek and its products, please visit the company’s web site at The SurgeGuard™ trademark is the property of NexTek, LLC.

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