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August 10, 2011

Nextek Launches Updated Very High RF Power and Very High Transient Lightning Arrestors for 7/16 DIN Applications

The K1 device is specially designed for High RF Power installations up to 30kW+ The T1 device provides Long Lifetime by offering protection up to 100,000+ Amps Both devices are rugged, dustproof and waterproof

Westford, MA, November 2012 – NexTek announces the High RF Power K1-Series designed for protecting high power RF transmission lines of up to 50,000 Watts and the High Transient T1-Series has a transient rating to 100,000 Amps+. This new series of SurgeGuard™ lightning arrestors addresses the stringent demands of mission critical RF applications including the HF, VHF, and UHF frequency ranges from 0(dc) to 1000MHz. The SurgeGuard K1-Series and T1-Series is based on a multiple gas discharge tube design with serviceable replacement elements.

Caption: The K1- Series of SurgeGuard™ lightning arrestors for very high power RF Applications

The PTR7AF7AFxxK1 and T1 arrestors measure 119mm x 45mm and have 7-16 female to 7-16 female connectors. The K1-Series product voltage ratings can range from 1.4kV to 3.5kV, and have a nominal impedance of 50 Ohms. This allows the K1 to pass up to 30kW or more of RF Power. The robust SurgeGuard T1-Series, available in multiple voltage ratings (90V to 1000V), provides a 250x multiple strike capability @ 10kA and a 100kA (8 x 20μs) one time surge capability. For 7/16 DIN applications <1GHz, this device provides a long surge lifetime with its 5 replaceable GDTs. Additional specifications for both models include excellent lightning transient protection performance using a multiple GDT design, low VSWR of 1.20 typical, and Insertion Loss of only 0.1dB typical.

All SurgeGuard products use only top-rated materials and superb construction, with both units also waterproof and dustproof (tested and qualified to IP68 Standard). The K1-series and T1-series of lightning arrestors are currently available directly from Nextek. For more information or a datasheet with complete product specifications, visit and select this month’s featured product.

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