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November 19, 2019

NexTek Announces New Product – Type N Sampler Port

Westford, MA – – NexTek, LLC. has been a World -Class leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of standard and custom coaxial surge protectors and high current AC/DC EMI filters for Commercial, Medical, Avionics, SATCOM, Power Supply, Military and Government markets for over 30 years, and proudly announces a new product series for immediate release.

The “RF Sampler” is a valuable device for monitoring RF Signals, carrier RF imbalances and power outs, noise, and interference. Ideally, the device should be integrated permanently into the cable run, so that it can quickly assist with troubleshooting should the need arise. This unit can also be utilized while passing DC on the center pin. Because the monitoring device is permanently mounted, it allows a technician to easily diagnose many cell-site issues without interrupting service.


  • Type N Connectors – Male to Female

  • DC – 3.0GHz Pass

  • Integrated SMA Sampler Port for Safe Measurements

    • Measure Signals During Radio System Operation @ -38dB between 700-900MHz
    • Measure Signals During Radio and System Operation @ -30dB at 2.0GHz

This new product further demonstrates NexTek’s commitment to growth and innovation, while maintaining and delivering the highest quality products to our customers.

Sampler Rendering

For additional information please contact your local sales representative, or get in touch with us directly!


SAMPLER Datasheet (.PDF)

Sampler Press Release (.PDF)

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