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December 15, 2015

Did You Know? – NexTek EMI Filters Are Currently Used On Military Vehicles Worldwide!

LAND_MRAP_MaxxPro_CAT-I_Camp_Liberty_Iraq_lgAs electronics equipment and power systems become more and more complex, dealing with EMI/RFI issues becomes more and more important. For high current (high overall system power) power systems on mobile vehicles such as those being developed for new military vehicle designs, compliance with EMI requirements is just as critical as getting the system to operate normally on its own.

For example, new land-mobile vehicles are being introduced all the time…and their power and electronic systems are growing ever more complex.  When this increased baseline complexity is combined with a need for maximum efficiency, more reliable operation, and potentially difficult environmental requirements (shock, vibration, temperature, etc.) the result is a potential design nightmare!  The engineering challenges are sure to be many, with Electro-Magnetic Compatibility being one of many critical performance factors.

Even with this difficult intersection of requirements, NexTek’s HPR series of high current EMI/RFI filters are perfectly suited for this type of application for a wide variety of reasons. See below for a quick summary of the key features that make the HPR series perfect for rugged mobile power supply applications.

  • Rugged Construction – Extreme Shock, Vibration, Temperature Ratings
  • Extremely Compact Design – Maximum Space Savings, Available Bulkhead O-Ring
  • Filtering Performance – 60dB to 1GHz and beyond, to meet EMI/RFI Requirement Levels

NexTek’s range of filters are available with standard ratings such as:

  • 50-400+ Amps RMS of Thru-Current
  • Cap Values up to 22µF+
  • DC Voltage Ratings from 100Vdc up to 1000Vdc
  • AC Voltage Ratings from 125Vac to 440Vac

Did you know that NexTek parts are currently used with the Power Systems of military vehicles all over the world to help ensure compliance with RFI/EMI requirements and continued trouble-free operation in “noisy” environments? Now you do!

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