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July 16, 2019

June MTT-S Show in Boston – See Lighthouse’s Amazing Booth!

June 2-7, 2019 in Boston’s Seaport District – In June, NexTek helped to support our local Technical Sales Partner covering New England [Lighthouse Technical Sales out of Nashua, NH] who exhibited at the IMS MTT-S Show.  When the image of a normal Technical Trade Show Booth comes to mind, you might imagine a “normal” booth with a few products, maybe some neat branding, and a few smiling sales folks…admittedly, most booth setups are not the most exciting or innovative things!

MVIMG 20190604 161214 Cropped

IMS 2019 Boston – @ Boston Convention Center

However, Larry Knight, the president and owner of Lighthouse Technical Sales is a dedicated hobbyist who has found a unique way to tie those hobbies directly into his work and trade show booth itself!  It has been about 5 years in the making, and a slow process along the way, but the Lighthouse Model Train setup is a wholly unique solution the age-old question “How do we attract attention and people to our booth to be able to start conversations, without seeming to sell too hard or scaring folks off with technical details off the bat?”

As you can likely guess, the booth attracts a buzz from almost everyone at the show… We received constant requests to “take a photo for my kids/nieces/nephews/etc.” even from folks who were not personally into trains, models, or the overall military theme.

One of the best parts about this attention is that the train setup provides an entry into real application-related discussions, as most of principals that Lighthouse represents have parts and ongoing activity on many of the platforms and programs represented on the board!  This leads to effective and interesting conversations off-the-bat, with the opportunity to discuss technical details quickly if the conversation heads that way.

Check out the IMS 2019 official Video below featuring the Lighthouse Technical Sales booth, where Larry has a good chance to explain the concept, the models, and provide more details on the work involved!  The Lighthouse booth is well-known around the show to anyone who has attended for multiple years, and they regularly get featured by IMS as a top booth during each show.  It happened again this year, and we have this wonderful video to share as a result!

Thanks to Larry, Keith, Greta, and Vincent from Lighthouse for allowing us to support such an awesome booth and partner!!

We had a blast!  Just don’t ask how long it takes to setup and break down : )


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