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November 17, 2015

Featured Content: Updated High Current Filter Selection Guide and Mounting/Installation Guide

High Current Feedthrough Filter - Installation ExampleThis week, NexTek, LLC. is proud to announce the release of some updated content on  Specifically, NexTek’s Feedthrough Filter Brochure and Selection Guide has been updated to include the latest member of the range (HPR300) and also includes updated links, information, installation tips, and other information about NexTek’s HPR series.

Secondly, there is also an updated Feedthrough Filter Mounting and Installation Guide available.  This received similar updates in order to incorporate the new HPR300 device and some other general updates and information to bring it totally up-to-speed.

Both of these documents are meant to educate potential and current users of NexTek HPR series EMI/RFI filters.  The Selection Guide covers how to select the correct model, ratings, and Part Number for a given application.  The Mounting and Installation Guide deals with general tips for the use and installation of high-current EMI/RFI filters.

Some example questions that these updated Guides will help answer;

  • Do you have a question about what NexTek HPR part numbers mean?
  • Is there a recommended tightening torque for the bulkhead or electrode nut of one of the models in the range?
  • Would you like to know more about the difference between NexTek’s Standard Series and the Extreme Series?
Learn more by clicking through to the Articles:
NexTek High Current Filters – Selection Guide (.PDF)
NexTek High Current Filters – Installation and Mounting Guide (.PDF)
NexTek Filters – Home Page (link)

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