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August 11, 2015

Did You Know? – NexTek EMI Filters are Used On Electric (EV) and Hybrid Vehicles!

As fuel efficiency becomes more and more important around the world, and the technologies behind Electric and Hybrid vehicles become more efficient, cost-effective, and prevalent, the number of these vehicles in the world will continue to increase.

As the power systems within these cars get larger and more complex, it can become more and more difficult to pass any EMI Emissions or Susceptibility standards that are applicable to a certain vehicle. With the rising power levels and increased complexity of the control circuits in combination with the environmentally challenging requirements that come along with any automotive application…Not just any high current filter will do. An effective noise filter is not enough, as the filter must also be able to operate in a vibration-heavy environment for years without failure!

Yellow McLaren P1 by Axion23, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Axion23 

NexTek High Current feedthrough filters are currently used across a wide range of Electric and Hybridized vehicles. We have delivered 1000s of filters for car and truck applications, so we have the knowledge and the confidence that only come along with real-world experience. The uniquely rugged and low ESR construction of the HPR family means effective noise-removal up to 1GHz and beyond.

NexTek’s range of filters are available with standard ratings such as:
  • 50-400+ Amps RMS of Thru-Current
  • Cap Values up to 22µF+
  • DC Voltage Ratings from 100Vdc up to 1000Vdc
  • AC Voltage Ratings from 125Vac to 440Vac
Features that make this feedthrough filter ideal for use within Extreme Environments
  • Rugged Construction – Mechanically De-Coupled Center Electrode
  • Extended Temperature Range Rating
  • High Quality Nickel-Brass Construction
  • NexTek’s HPR Filters provide attenuation of 60dB minimum to 1GHz and beyond.

Did you know that NexTek parts are currently used in Electric and Hybrid vehicles all over the world…? Now you do!



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