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November 30, 2015

Content Highlight – Transient Handling by Coaxial Connector Type

Full Scale Lightning TestingHave you ever wondered how large a lightning strike an N-type coaxial connector can handle before it melts/fails?  How does an SMA connector compare?  Based on many years of direct experience during full-scale Lightning Testing, NexTek Engineering has put together a table of Transient Handling values for the most common types of coaxial connector.  As you will see in the white paper, these ratings also allow for a range of values according to the quality of the coaxial connector being used or tested.

Knowing the maximum rating of a given connector type can be useful in multiple ways.  For example, this information can be used during a threat-level analysis to determine whether a given cable and connector choice would be able to withstand the expected Transient Levels for a given application.  Alternatively, it is useful to know the theoretical maximum amount of surge energy that a connector type is capable of passing through without damage…This knowledge can be used to ensure that any Surge Arrestor/Protector selected will meet or exceed the connector’s limit.

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Photo Courtesy:

Keep in mind that these ratings apply only to the center pin of each connector type…The shield Transient Handling ratings are generally around 3-5x the center pin rating, but are highly dependent on many factors, including the specific type of cable being used.  Also keep in mind that although these ratings are useful as general guidelines, each connector uses different quality materials and construction techniques…Individual Results Will Vary!

Connector Types Included: Type N, TNC, BNC, SMA, 7/16 DIN, F (75ohm)

Transient Handling Ratings: All Ratings Given As 8x20us Waveform Transient Events – Rated in KiloAmperes (kA)

Learn More:

NexTek White Paper – Transient Handling by Connector Type Blog Post – Product Surge Ratings


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