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February 2, 2016

Compact Form Factors and Unique Packaging Allows Arrestors To Fit In Tight Spaces – Arrestor Design Spotlight

As one of NexTek’s primary product lines, our range of Coaxial Surge Protectors is designed to cover a wide range of potential application requirements with high-performance, military-grade designs that are built using top-notch quality control systems.  One of the many factors that makes NexTek’s line of solutions unique is our use of compact form factor designs and unique physical packaging to provide the optimal solution for even the tightest application!Lightning Arrestor, TNC to SMA, Bulkhead-Mount, DC to 12GHz

Why are Compact Form Factors Important?: Although you may have a requirement for surge or lighting protection, sometimes the space available for installing the solution can be limited.  Space could be limited because your overall radio or system is compact, or due to the fact that surge protection is being added to an existing design (i.e. a retrofit effort.)

How do NexTek Solutions Differ?: There are two major ways that NexTek’s line of arrestor products is unique from other lines that might be available.  ONE – All NexTek designs are optimized to save as much size, weight, and space as reasonably possible.  From our bread-and-butter high volume units to extremely compact 6GHz and 12GHz+ arrestors, our range of solutions features space-saving design.  TWO – NexTek offers modified and customized versions of our standard arrestors to meet any requirements, and can even design a unique solution from the ground-up for the most challenging requirement sets.

TNF-SAF 20G Outline

Ultra-Compact TNC to SMA Surge Protection – DC to 12GHz+

Example of Nextek Methods:  Our TNC to SMA connector surge protection product, the PTCTNFSAF20G is rated to pass RF energy up to 12GHz+.  In fact, it will perform just as well as a high-quality TNC to SMA bulkhead-mount adapter in terms of Insertion Loss and VSWR…It even looks the same as a TNC to SMA bulkhead feedthrough, with a similar overall form factor, length, etc.  However, due to NexTek’s extensive experience and expertise in component selection, we are able to install full-scale Lightning Protection components inside without creating any obvious physical growth relative to a non-protected bulkhead adapter.

Summary: No matter the threat type and level (Lightning, ESD, high-speed EMP,) NexTek has the experience and expertise in-house to learn your specific set of requirements and to select the ideal standard product, modify an existing product, or develop an entirely new custom solution as-needed!  Contact Us for more information!

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