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March 23, 2022

Why is Choosing a High Quality Lightning Arrestor Important? – 4 Important Reasons!

Here at NexTek, we take pride in offering a range of coaxial arrestors that are assembled here in the USA to our own designs, using the highest quality materials available and assembled under top notch quality control systems.  This is not always the case when it comes to most coaxial protection available on the market today…But Why Does That Matter?

Quality You Can Trust! – Assembled in the USA

Because we assemble every product here in the United States at the same location as our Design and Engineering staff, we can ensure that our quality standards are second-to-none.  Our assembly and quality technicians perform 100% RF testing on every arrestor built, to ensure that every unit we deliver to our customers is fully functional…significantly reducing downtime and returns!

NexTek Inc. - Assembled in USA

The Best Surge Performance – Period!

You don’t want just “average” protection…You want to know that your solution has been designed by utilizing decades of experience and expertise, and whose performance is regularly verified under full-scale Lightning testing!  The almost obsessive attention to detail of NexTek’s Design and Engineering Staff results in every facet of a given arrestor design being optimized for maximum performance…from the fundamental protection technology used, to minimizing overall size, to optimizing details like the number of center pin “fingers.”

Full Scale Lightning Testing

Ultra Long Lifetime – Even Outdoors!

NexTek arrestors have been known to last for years, and decades, in the field because of the high quality Nickel-Plated Brass we use as the main body material for the majority of our arrestor designs.  Compare this to the aluminum commonly used in solutions from some of our competitors, which we avoid whenever possible due to its inferior environmental performance!  Nickel over Brass has been used for high quality connectors for years, and remains the first choice for use in extreme environments!


High Mating Cycle Tolerance – Over and Over Again!

Our designs use high-quality Gold-plated Beryllium Copper center pins for maximum Surge Handling and long lifetime reasons…They can take the most current of any commonly used material, and they retain high springiness for maximum contact life over a long lifetime of use.  A high quality center pin design built from BeCu provides the best surge and mating cycle performance of any material!

Center Pin Damage

If you have a need for coaxial surge protection and performance, lifetime, assembly location, and receiving a quality product are important to you…  NexTek’s range of SurgeGuard surge arrestors for coaxial and RF applications can offer a high quality solution for any application!

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