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October 5, 2015

Application Spotlight: Protecting CCTV, Cable TV , and Satellite TV Lines

As an industry-leader in Coaxial Lightning & Surge Protection solutions, NexTek offers a wide array of products that cover a range of applications.  However, therecable-tv is one type of coaxial cable that can be found in almost everyone’s personal lives!

The 75ohm coaxial video cable that is used in most homes and businesses for transmitting television and video signals!  Whether the original video feed comes from a Cable company, a Satellite Dish or Antenna, or a CCTV system…any video cables that run from outside-to-inside are a potential entry path for damaging lightning surge energy.

In order to adequately protect 75ohm F-Type transmission lines, NexTek has developed a special product which is designed to meet or exceed the surge capabilities of the widely-used RG-6 cable type.  In other words, the PTC-F02 arrestor is designed to outlast the cable it is connected to, and should only require replacement or service once there is severe damage on the “exposed” side cables that would prevent proper operation anyway!

F-Type Arrestor - Dual Mount Configuration

F-Type Arrestor – Dual Mount Configuration

Available with single- and dual-configuration mount brackets, these arrestors are also designed to be nearly invisible to normal video signals during >99.9% of its lifetime.  Most available surge protection for TV cables are so poorly design that they create massive signal losses when they are installed…Who needs protection if it means that you cannot watch your TV once it is installed?!

In addition, the PTC-F02 design utilizes nickel-plated brass and other high quality materials for maximum lifetime and longevity in any environmental conditions.

As with any of NexTek’s coaxial surge arrestor solutions, the PTC-F02’s balance of robust surge ratings against excellent RF thru-performance in a high quality package makes this product the very best available for any coaxial TV application!

Learn More Below:

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Technology Page: Cable, Satellite, and CCTV Systems (link)

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