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July 10, 2015

Application Spotlight – GPS Timing/Synchronization Surge Protection

A good example of an application where coaxial lightning protection is recommended or required are permanently-installed GPS Timing & Synchronization systems.  Used across more and more types of industrial and commercial applications every day, GPS Clock systems provide ultra-accurate time by utilizing signals from GPS satellites.  The resulting timing reference signal is used to coordinate actions across a large network (Cellular, Electrical Grid) or to provide accurate synchronization of multiple electronic systems in disparate parts of the world.

NexTek Lightning Arrestor Solutions

GPS Timing System – Installation Diagram

However, with the installation of a permanent antenna and cable run that are required for GPS receiver operation…There comes the threat of lightning & surge damage occurring if surge energy finds its way onto the antenna or coaxial cable.  This is where NexTek’s coaxial surge protectors come into the picture!

When NexTek lightning protectors are installed on the coaxial cable run and properly grounded, any GPS System can be protected!  This includes providing protection for GPS Receiver itself, but also any people or equipment nearby.  High quality arrestors such as those available from NexTek will not degrade or affect the GPS signal during normal operation, are extremely robust in terms of how much Lightning energy they are rated to handle, and use only high quality construction materials built to exacting design specifications in order to last in any environment!

For more information on NexTek’s range of arrestors that are suitable for GPS systems, information on how and where to install these protection solutions, click through to find the Application Note in .PDF format.

Application Note – NexTek Arrestors – GPS Timing and Positioning Solutions (.PDF)

For even more information about this application, see below.

Technology Page – GPS/Timing

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