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June 7, 2016

Announcement – Our Sales and Distribution Team is Expanding!

We are extremely proud to announce that NexTek’s Sales Representation and Distribution Team is expanding!

We have two new Sales Representation firms covering Region 1 (New England and Upstate NY) and Region 2 (Mid-Atlantic, NJ, Metro NY), in the form of brand new partnerships with MMS Technical Sales and ATM (Advanced Technical Marketing).

MMS logo - tiny

ATM logo - sm


The other exciting recent addition to our Sales and Distribution team is Powell, who provide Distribution and Sales of NexTek solutions nationwide as a part of their vast selection of electrical and connector components.


Check out the brand-new U.S. Sales and Distribution Contact List page to learn more about the Sales Representatives covering your territory.   On the same page you will also find links to NexTek’s Distributors.

Learn more following the jump to the new page, and clicking through to find out about each of our partners!

Rep and Disty Graphic

Also…keep an eye out for more additions to the NexTek team in the coming months!

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