Featured Content: Updated High Current Filter Selection Guide and Mounting/Installation Guide

High Current Feedthrough Filter - Installation Example

This week, NexTek, LLC. is proud to announce the release of some updated content on nextek.com.  Specifically, NexTek’s Feedthrough Filter Brochure and Selection Guide has been updated to include the latest member of the range (HPR300) and also includes updated links, information, installation tips, and other information about NexTek’s HPR series. Secondly, there is also…

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Summer Lightning Safety


With the elevated temperatures and increased humidity that arrive with summer, also come increased Thunderstorm activity. In the United States, thunderstorms and lightning strikes are at their peak during the summer months of June, July, and August. Crucially, this is also the time of year that people spend the most time outdoors…You know all of…

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