PGT End of Line Notice



Dear Valued NexTek Customer,

This notice is to inform you that NexTek’s PGT Series Lightning arrestors will be discontinued at the end of the Calendar Year, 2021.  We have limited available inventory to satisfy some requirements.


Affected Models:


Part Numbers

Product Description End-Of-Life Date


DC Pass High RF Power Surge Arrestor with

7/16 DIN connectors, 0.82 – 2.2GHz



Product Replacement:


Part Numbers

Product Description End-Of-Life Date
None N/A N/A



NexTek’s objective is to assist you to make your final purchases of the above products which are subject to EOL. We understand this EOL can be an inconvenience, and we look to make this a smooth changeover or developing an alternative solution to the affected products with the least amount of disruption possible.


For any additional information please contact your local sales representative or email us directly:

Company Update – June 2021

NexTek, LLC. Update – June 2021

NexTek, LLC. is looking at the summer months ahead with cautious excitement. The past year and a half was a challenging time for everyone, but there are clear signs that life is getting back to normal. The team at NexTek banded together to navigate this difficult period, and now we are feeling optimistic and confident about the future.

Our excitement and optimism is in part due to new products our team has researched, designed, and manufactured. We’ve innovated in areas such as 5G applications, Band Pass and Fail Safe Filters, and more. We are looking forward to showing off these new products. You can stay up to date on all of our latest news and product releases by regularly checking our website and following us on LinkedIn.

A lot has changed in a short period of time, but NexTek’s commitment to excellence has not. We’ve been providing premier RF Surge Protection and High Current EMC/EMI Filter solutions for over 30 years, and we’re looking forward to presenting the latest developments we’ve made. 2020 was a challenging year but showed the great strides that we can make when we all work together. All of us at NexTek are looking forward to an exciting, active, and healthy remainder to 2021.

NexTek – COVID-19 Update

March 20, 2020 (Updated 3.25.20)

COVID19 update from NexTek

[link to .PDF]


NexTek operations remain at substantially full capacity through this health emergency.  We have staff working from home as much as possible, but also retain full manufacturing capacity.  Our Sales and Engineering operations remain available to assist you.
As an essential business that serves multiple U.S. Government and Military Industrial Base customers, NexTek will continue to stay open and maintain operations at a level that is close to normal.  We are taking the necessary precautions to protect and support our workforce throughout this difficult time.
We have adequate inventory, and our supply chains are intact, although some additional lead time might be required for (new orders of) a few products.  If you have large volume needs, unique products designed for your application, or time critical delivery requirements, please contact NexTek with your forecast.  We can make a detailed delivery estimates for your needs.
As the situation develops, NexTek will continue to keep Clients, Customers, and Suppliers up-to-date.
We hope everyone stays safe throughout this event.
The NexTek, LLC Team

New Product: Band Pass RF Filters for Positive Train Control, and Other RF Networks

NexTek, LLC. has been a World-Class leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of standard and custom coaxial surge protectors and high current AC/DC EMI filters for Commercial, Medical, Avionics, SATCOM, Power Supply, Military and Government markets for over 30 years, and proudly announces a new product series for immediate release.

The “BPF Series” is a band pass filter specifically designed for railroad positive train control, PTC networks.  These units provide optimum filtering; sharp cutoff and notched response characteristics.  These filters reduce or eliminate unwanted interference from co-located radios, internal (on-board) or external, to increase the system’s reliability.   NexTek’s filter solutions incorporate a bandpass filter with Type N connectors centered at 160, 220, 460 & 900 MHz.

In addition to providing high performance filtering to remove unwanted RF Energy from a coaxial line, these filter designs also incorporate high performance surge/lighting protection within the same package.  This type of combination solution will ensure that two types of unwanted energy are not allowed to pass freely by the NexTek BPF Series of Bandpass Filters w/ Integrated Lightning Protection.

These new products further demonstrate NexTek’s commitment to growth and innovation while maintain and delivering the highest quality products to our customers.

For additional information please contact your local sales representative, or get in touch with us directly!

Press Release [.PDF]

Datasheet Links [.PDF]

BPF 160 – 160MHz Pass Band

BPF 220 – 220MHz Pass Band

BPF 460 – 460MHz Pass Band

BPF 900 – 900MHz Pass Band

NexTek Announces New Product – Type N Sampler Port

Westford, MA – – NexTek, LLC. has been a World -Class leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of standard and custom coaxial surge protectors and high current AC/DC EMI filters for Commercial, Medical, Avionics, SATCOM, Power Supply, Military and Government markets for over 30 years, and proudly announces a new product series for immediate release.

The “RF Sampler” is a valuable device for monitoring RF Signals, carrier RF imbalances and power outs, noise, and interference. Ideally, the device should be integrated permanently into the cable run, so that it can quickly assist with troubleshooting should the need arise. This unit can also be utilized while passing DC on the center pin. Because the monitoring device is permanently mounted, it allows a technician to easily diagnose many cell-site issues without interrupting service.


  • Type N Connectors – Male to Female

  • DC – 3.0GHz Pass

  • Integrated SMA Sampler Port for Safe Measurements

    • Measure Signals During Radio System Operation @ -38dB between 700-900MHz
    • Measure Signals During Radio and System Operation @ -30dB at 2.0GHz

This new product further demonstrates NexTek’s commitment to growth and innovation, while maintaining and delivering the highest quality products to our customers.

For additional information please contact your local sales representative, or get in touch with us directly!


SAMPLER Datasheet (.PDF)

Sampler Press Release (.PDF)

New Line of COTS DO-160G Avionics Protection for RF Lines

NexTek is proud to announce the release of a new line of standard products, engineered specifically to protect Coaxial RF lines and systems against Lightning Damage as required to meet DO-160G, Section 22.

Available in a variety of pass bands, packages, and with multiple connector options; these designs are based on years of experience providing solutions to the Aerospace and Avionics sectors.  When compact size and light weight are critical, but effective and serviceable/replaceable protection is required;  The FPD series of lightning protection devices can meet all of these performance points, in a highly reliable and robust package.


Example FPD Package


Standards Met

D0-160G, Section 22 – All Waveforms and Test Levels

MIL-STD 461G, CS 117 – All Waveforms and Test Levels

Options Available

Connectors – Type N, TNC, SMA, 2.92mm, MCX, MMCX, and others available

DC Power – DC Pass or DC Short/Block Options available

Frequency – Pass Bands between DC and 18GHz available, across the entire range of designs (not within a single design.)


FPD Series Family Page

FPD Series Family Datasheet (.PDF)

DO-160 Avionics Protection – Industry Page

NEW RELEASE: Wideband Lightning Protection – DC to 12.5GHz with Type N Connectors

NexTek is proud to announce the availability of a new ultra-wideband surge protection device for Radio and RF communication systems. With a compact design, an extremely wide pass band, and the ability to pass DC power in addition to RF energy this unit is well-suited for a multitude of bands, applications, and systems that require high-performance lightning protection in a compact package.


  • Wideband – DC to 12.5GHz
  • Compact – Ultra-Small Footprint
  • Robust – High Performance Gas Discharge Tube
  • Weatherproof – IP68 Dust and Waterproof
  • Value – Perfect for a wide array of uses, at a good value

The PTCONMONF20G [male-female] and PTCONFONF20G [female-female] units provide a single device that can be used to protect most RF Applications with a single solution.  This should allow users with a wideband or multi-band system, or users who have a wide variety of pass bands available across their products or systems, to use a single arrestor and reduce P/Ns, stocking costs, etc.

This unit is also perfect for users who need Type N protection but have no room to add a bulky arrestor.  In this case, simply replace a normal un-protected feedthrough connector with this protected version…and you’ll have integrated high-performance lightning and surge protection with virtually no space or weight penalty!


Product Page (datasheets can be found here)


Contact NexTek or your local NexTek Partner directly for more information, samples, and a quote!

As we continue to expand our product offerings, look out for more new Product Releases!


New GPS Surge Arrestors – Type N Units Available Now, TNC Units Available Later in 2018!

We are proud to announce that we are releasing two new “D Series” Fine Protection (FPL Series) devices for protecting GPS and other Global Navigation Band Receivers.

These products will completely replace the existing “B Series” Fine Protection Devices for GPS applications, the FPLNFNFBxxx and FPLTFTFBxxx units, in the near future.  Form, Fit, and Function details remain the same between the existing and new devices in order to allow for a simple and painless transition for existing users.

The Type N version is available now, and the TNC version will be available later in 2018;

Click the Product Photos below to learn more about each device

Type N – FPLNFNFDxxx


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns… Just get in touch with us directly!

Product Bulletin – Integrate RF Surge and Lightning Protection Without Paying a Size or Weight Penalty!

The Neverending Quest For Size Reduction

As with most technologies, RF and Wireless system design is an ever-changing and shifting world.  As certain technologies or RF bands become popular, others fade away.

However, the one ever-present force on the industry is the steady, but relentless, push towards smaller size and better integration over time.

Lightning/Surge Protection at the PCB Level?

Here at NexTek we understand the desire to bring things into the box, or even all the way onto the Radio PCB… However, we also know that Lightning Transients contain too much energy to deal with safely at the PCB Level… Trace widths, ground place areas, and the components themselves all become limiting factors that will prevent complete and effective protection.

Given this reality, the last place where it is reasonable and safe to protect against Lightning or other Surge events is at the radio’s box or chassis level.  By replacing the normal I/O connector with a protected version, designer can ensure that they have high-performance protection without paying any significant size or weight penalty.  As long as the radio’s chassis is grounded well, the bulk of the Transient Energy will be drained safely to ground before entering the box and/or the PCB itself.

It may still be advisable to install some simple protection on the PCB, but only for final clean-up…Something like a small Protection Diode coupled with a DC Blocking Capacitor (if possible for your application) would provide plenty of protection against any residual energy that gets past the Protected I/O Connector.

Maximum Protection in the Minimum Amount of Space

Below, you can see an array of our Ultra-Compact protection options…  They all include high-performance lightning protection, and are available in a wide variety of connector configurations on both the Input and Output side.compact-arrestors

Outside Connector Options – Type N, TNC, SMA

Inside Connector Options – SMA, MMCX, RG188, RG316, and more!

Threat Types – Lightning, Static (ESD), and EMP

Learn More

Ultra Compact Protection – Home Page

Ultra Compact Protection Product Bulletin – Post

Our Sales Team Continues To Expand! – Spartech South Announced as NexTek’s Sales Representation for the Southeast US

We are extremely proud to announce that NexTek has formed another new partnership for 2016, a Sales Representation agreement with Spartech South to cover the Southeastern states ranging from North Carolina all the way to Mississippi and including Florida and Tennessee as well!

Spartech South will cover Region 3, shown on the updated map below in Yellow.

US_states_and_territories_ - NT Reps MapIf you would like to know more about NexTek or our solutions for Lightning and Surge Protection of Coaxial/RF lines or High Current Feedthrough EMI filtering, please feel free to contact your local/regional Representative directly, or simply get in touch with us directly and we will guide you to the correct local contacts!

Once again, we are proud to announce that Spartech South has joined our team… We look forward to helping them serve the area that sees the most Lightning Strikes and Thunderstorms out of anywhere in the United States!

Click through to Spartech South’s website:

Spartech South Logo


Visit our Domestic Reps and Distributors page for more information:

Rep and Disty Graphic