Protecting Radio Equipment from HEMP/NEMP High Speed Transients – Coaxial Arrestor Threat Type Spotlight

This post is about protecting against high speed HEMP/NEMP pulses, one of the many types of transient threat that NexTek arrestors provide protection against.  Although Lightning energy is the primary source of damage to coaxial lines and systems where they are used, there are also other types of Surge Energy that can cause damage to electronics.…

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EMP Related Surge Events – Information & Protection

HEMP, NEMP, EMP Effects over USA

In a world where electronics are everywhere and our everyday lives are so dependent on technology, the thought of a “worst-case” EMP event is pretty scary! EMP Pulses, whether formed by a nuclear event, solar radiation, IEMI, or another source altogether, have the potential to knock out any and all unprotected and non-hardened electronics over…

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