How Do I Estimate Lightning’s Effects on my Radio Antenna?

Have you ever wondered how to calculate lightning-induced antenna-coupling levels for a specific radio setup?  How much energy could theoretically flow along my coaxial cable due to a nearby lightning strike? Today’s highlighted article is a useful tool for anyone looking to make a assessment of a specific radio antenna’s susceptibility level when a lightning…

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Article Spotlight – Compact EMI Filtering for High Current Applications, Pt. 1

High Current Feedthrough Filter - Installation Example

Would you like to know more about High Current EMI/RFI Filtering, starting with the basics of power filtering? This week’s Content Spotlight focuses on a NexTek technical article which lays out everything you need to know when designing a high current system.  The white paper includes information about the basics of power filtering, consideration of filtering requirements, and how to make the choice…

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