New HF Coaxial HEMP Protectors

NexTek, LLC. announces commercially available coaxial protectors for critical High Frequency (HF) communications circuits.

These protectors are optimized to protect against High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulses (HEMP), sometimes referred to as Nuclear EMP (NEMP). As the risk of these pulses is increasing, so is the need for protection from them, and the increasing dependence on RF communications for critical applications.

This brand-new line of multistage protectors dramatically reduces electrical energy on 1MHz to 40MHz lines with minimal insertion loss. These protectors are capable of handling 300kV voltage pulses and are available for receiver protection or for low power transmitter protection. These protectors are also remarkably effective at stopping Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) and Lightning (LEMP) EMP events from damaging susceptible equipment.

Our HF Coaxial Protectors are available with N-Type, TNC, and SMA connectors.