NexTek has nearly 30 Years of experience providing Coaxial Surge Protection for a large variety of applications.  This experience includes providing ESD protection solutions for sensitive radios. Although Static Electricity Discharges contain very little total energy, the extremely high Voltage Potential does have the ability to cause damage to modern microelectronics used in most RF communications equipment.  The difficult aspect of ESD protection is that the transient event is quite short-lived (nanoseconds) so protection requires a protector which has a quick response time or one that can provide “always-on” protection.


As an example of a potential ESD threat, imagine a system installed in a dry and windy environment such as those found in deserts or in the Antarctic.  The blowing wind carrying sand and snow combined with the dry air mass can cause a slow build-up of static energy that can eventually discharge and flow down a coaxial cable run and enter electronics down- or up-stream.  Another common cause for concern about static damage is when a system is going to see regular contact by a human being.  People have the ability to build-up significant ESD energy, which can then be discharged when the person touches or picks-up something conductive. NexTek has experience designing, testing, and supplying various products for protection against MIL-STD, IEC, or RTCA defined ESD protection requirements.


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