Content Spotlight – Optimized Lightning Protection for High Frequencies (4-6GHz and Beyond)

Wireless Installation - Building Rooftop

This week’s featured article is a Technical Article previously published in Interference Technology magazine.  This in-depth article contains details and information about providing Lightning and Surge protection for coaxial and RF applications operating in the 4 to 6GHz range. The widely used Public Safety (4.9GHz), UNII (5.6GHz), and ISM (5.8GHz) band applications all operate within this frequency window, so there…

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Product Spotlight: Ultra-Wideband Coaxial Arrestor – 5.2-18.0 GHz

NexTek’s portfolio of available Coaxial Surge Arrestors covers a wide range of potential applications, ranging from DC (0 hz) to 18GHz at a wide level of RF Power levels.  However, there is one device that is uniquely suited and positioned to provide industry-leading protection for microwave, satellite, and other high frequency applications within the 5.2-18.0GHz…

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