Featured Threat Type – Lightning Protection for Radio and Communication Lines

Although probably our best-known type of solution, we wanted to take the opportunity to start off 2017 by highlighting Lightning Protection for coaxial RF applications.  Fundamentally, the purpose of these devices is to provide high-performance Lightning & Surge Protection for Radio and Electronic Systems and their Users.  This can be as simple as protecting a radio itself, or as complex as providing protection to the entire platform or system the protection is being installed upon.

Simplified Diagram Showing Typical Wireless Communications Installation – Potential Arrestor Placement Areas are A, B, and C.

You can see the common areas where protection is installed called out as A, B, and C in the diagram above.  This is an over-simplification and does not exactly represent most actual installations, but it does a good job representing the various ways and reasons that a coaxial cable can be installed outside and therefore represent a potential ingress path for Transient Lightning Energy.

Wireless Installation - Building Rooftop

Lightning damage is a leading cause of radio damage in many locations and systems around the world.  Anywhere a coaxial cable or radio antenna is run outside in an exposed location, there is a potential need for an arrestor/protector on the line as well.

While we do specialize in coaxial connectorized solutions where RF Energy must be passed during normal usage, we also do have many years of experience in designing and consulting on all sorts of Surge Protection devices… From Lightning Arrestors for AC, DC, or Serial/Comms lines, to providing multi-faceted protection that is as effective against Static/ESD and HEMP/NEMP energy as it is against standard Lightning transients.


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Did You Know? – NexTek Arrestors are used on Military Vehicles and Systems around the world!

Zumwalt Destroyer

You Might Not Know; Just as our line of Power Filters are used to provide EMC compliance for a wide variety of military and government applications, our line of Surge Arrestors for coaxial RF lines are also in-use on an wide range of systems worldwide!

Whether they are installed on a Permanent Installation or a Land Vehicle, Ship, or Airborne Vehicle…  Our surge arrestors provide the type of rugged performance and long lifetime that any Military or Government user demands.  Solutions range from standard off-the-shelf units all the way to fully-custom solutions developed to meet a complex or special set of requirements.

We can provide protection against any threat type, including;

With the proliferation and continued growth of the use of Radios and Radio-based technology (sensors like radar, communications, even electronic warfare [EW]) across all military equipment and systems, there are a growing number of requirements for Lightning and Surge protection to ensure that mission-critical equipment and capabilities remain up and working properly at all times!


In fact, NexTek was formed as an EMC engineering consultant outfit, and our first contracts ever were in the Military world.  With this type of experience and pedigree, you can be confident that your NexTek arrestor will provide protection, performance, and trouble-free operation…whether you are using it in a Mil/Gov application or not!

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Compact Lightning Protection for Radios Operating Up To 12.5GHz – High Performance G-Class Arrestors

LIghtning Arrestor, TNC to SMA, Bulkhead-Mount, DC to 12GHz

Available with SMA and TNC connectors, our G-Class arrestors (The PTCSAFSAF20G and the PTCTNFSAF20G, for example) cover a wider RF Band than any other coaxial protection design in the world.  Because of the exceptional wideband performance from DC all the way up to 11 or 12.5GHz, there is no arrestor available today that will cover the same number of potential applications.  When the wideband ratings are combined with the extremely small form factor of these units, there is truly no other arrestor out there which can come close.

These units are perfect for retrofit or other installations where space is at a premium, or those who simply want a high quality protector that takes up minimal space!  In fact, these fully featured lightning arrestors barely take up any more space than a typical connector feedthru that contains no protection at all!
Also, keep in mind that like all NexTek solutions….
  • All G-Class arrestors are Designed, Engineered, Assembled, and Tested here in the United States!
  • This design incorporates 30 Years of Experience and Expertise into every feature and detail.
  • They are truly High Quality Advanced Designs, ready for the most demanding applications.


If you would like to see for yourself, just ask us for a Sample or More Information!

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PTCSAFSAF20G – SMA to SMA, DC to 12.5GHz


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Content Spotlight – Optimized Lightning Protection for High Frequencies (4-6GHz and Beyond)

Wireless Installation - Building Rooftop

This week’s featured article is a Technical Article previously published in Interference Technology magazine.  This in-depth article contains details and information about providing Lightning and Surge protection for coaxial and RF applications operating in the 4 to 6GHz range.

The widely used Public Safety (4.9GHz), UNII (5.6GHz), and ISM (5.8GHz) band applications all operate within this frequency window, so there are a multitude of applications and users around the world.

High-Frequency applications within this range can be treated different in terms of the Protection Design and Technology used on this type of system.  For example, the relatively high frequency range means that Quarter Wavelength Stub arrestors are ideal protectors for any application where DC Pass is not required!

To learn more about what makes providing Lightning and Surge protection for high frequency coaxial lines unique, click through the Technical Article below!

Optimized Lightning Protection for Higher Frequencies – NexTek, Inc Technical Article (.PDF)

Technical Library – Resources Home Page (Link)

Lightning Arrestor Enables GPS Systems to Run Without Downtime! – FPL Series Highlight

Our FPL Series of GPS Lightning Arrestors have been providing security and confidence to users of GPS Positioning and Timing Synchronization Systems around the world for over 10 years! These multi-stage protectors provide the fastest-acting surge protection available for DC Pass GPS and Global Navigation Band applications operating between 1.15 and 1.61 GHz.

FPL-FPN Circuit Diagram

The special multi-stage design incorporates a Gas Discharge Tube first stage, similar to what is used in NexTek’s PTC and PTR series GDT arrestors. However, as most GPS Receivers are quite sensitive to OverVoltage and Surge Related Damage…a Gas Discharge Tube alone is often not enough to provide adequate clamping by itself.  Because of this, there are additional protection elements inside every FPL series arrestor including a Metal Oxide Varistor and a fast-acting Clamping Diode.

In addition to the enhanced protection provided by the multistageFine Protector” circuit inside, the FPL series provides a compact form factor that is easy to integrate into any design and impressive environmental ratings, including being waterproof to IP68 levels!


FPL Series Arrestor Highlights:
  • Military Grade
  • Low Cost at OEM Quantities
  • Best Protection Level Available
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Environmental Ratings
For the best surge and lightning protection for any GPS Radio, Antenna, or Receiver setup…The NexTek FPL series will provide long-lasting protection in any environment and will give you the confidence in knowing that your system is protected!

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Why is Choosing a High Quality Lightning Arrestor Important? – 4 Important Reasons!

Here at NexTek, we take pride in offering a range of coaxial arrestors that are assembled here in the USA to our own designs, using the highest quality materials available and assembled under top notch quality control systems.  This is not always the case when it comes to most coaxial protection available on the market today…But Why Does That Matter?

Quality You Can Trust! – Assembled in the USA

Because we assemble every product here in the United States at the same location as our Design and Engineering staff, we can ensure that our quality standards are second-to-none.  Our assembly and quality technicians perform 100% RF testing on every arrestor built, to ensure that every unit we deliver to our customers is fully functional…significantly reducing downtime and returns!

NexTek Inc. - Assembled in USA

The Best Surge Performance – Period!

You don’t want just “average” protection…You want to know that your solution has been designed by utilizing decades of experience and expertise, and whose performance is regularly verified under full-scale Lightning testing!  The almost obsessive attention to detail of NexTek’s Design and Engineering Staff results in every facet of a given arrestor design being optimized for maximum performance…from the fundamental protection technology used, to minimizing overall size, to optimizing details like the number of center pin “fingers.”

Full Scale Lightning Testing

Ultra Long Lifetime – Even Outdoors!

NexTek arrestors have been known to last for years, and decades, in the field because of the high quality Nickel-Plated Brass we use as the main body material for the majority of our arrestor designs.  Compare this to the aluminum commonly used in solutions from some of our competitors, which we avoid whenever possible due to its inferior environmental performance!  Nickel over Brass has been used for high quality connectors for years, and remains the first choice for use in extreme environments!


High Mating Cycle Tolerance – Over and Over Again!

Our designs use high-quality Gold-plated Beryllium Copper center pins for maximum Surge Handling and long lifetime reasons…They can take the most current of any commonly used material, and they retain high springiness for maximum contact life over a long lifetime of use.  A high quality center pin design built from BeCu provides the best surge and mating cycle performance of any material!

Center Pin Damage

If you have a need for coaxial surge protection and performance, lifetime, assembly location, and receiving a quality product are important to you…  NexTek’s range of SurgeGuard surge arrestors for coaxial and RF applications can offer a high quality solution for any application!

Contact Us for assistance!

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How Do I Choose A Coaxial Surge Arrestor? – A Basic Guide

How do I select the proper coaxial surge protector for my application?  What are the primary criterion I should pay attention to when comparing different lightning arrestors?  This post will review the fundamentals of coaxial arrestor product selection and also provide links to some helpful Articles and Tools to help you learn more about the process and eventually make your own selections!

There are really only four primary selection criteria, with a fifth line below to account for any other requirements.

 RF Performance – Your Frequency of Use and RF Power LevelRF Performance Curve - VSWR is shown on the upper graph, while Insertion Loss (dB) is shown on the lower curve.

During >99% of a coaxial arrestor’s life, it is operating as a totally passive connector.  Therefore, RF Performance ratings are the only specs that matter during this time!

 Connector Type – Your desired connector type and gender configuration.Photo Courtesy: DXZONE.com

In order to ensure the best compatibility with the system they will be used in, it is best to match connector types to minimize the use of adapters.

Surge Response and Performance – Your Surge/Lightning Requirements or Susceptibility LevelsFull Scale Lightning Testing

These can be specific and give a detailed Threat Level to test against along with an accompanying residual energy Test Limit, or it can be as broad as “I know I need protection.”

 DC Pass Required? – Will you be sending DC Power along the coaxial cable with the RF energy?BTL-C08

This is an important detail, as some arrestors are not capable of passing DC Power!

Miscellaneous Requirements – Any additional requirements with a high priority or importance?  Antarctica

Are there any additional (secondary) requirements that could influence the proper product choice?  These could be related to Environmental, SWaP, Lifetime Ratings, Dimensions, or others!

Learn more about the selection criteria above by following the links below… There is a full-length article about Selecting Coaxial Lightning Protectors and two useful links to other pages on nextek.com with even more product selection info!

As always, don’t forget to Contact Us with any questions, comments, or requests for selection assistance!

 Other Arrestor Selection Process Resources

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Compact DC Block Arrestors For Radio Protection – Featured Product

We have added NexTek’s new coaxial arrestor product to the website and product selection tool, and you can now find information about all four variations!

The PTI series provides effective protection in an extremely compact form factor, and includes a series capacitor to block DC energy and further reduce the amount of energy that gets past and flows into the radio being protected.  This series capacitor guarantees effective protection from the Gas Discharge Tube front-end by eliminating the need to rely on or coordinate with the output-side capacitor of your radio.

NexTek’s SurgeGuard™ PTI series of DC-Blocked lightning arrestors operate at frequencies up to from 2Mhz to 2GHz.

Available with a TNC (f) bulkhead and SMA (f) connectors, in a range of RF pass band and RF Power ratings.  See below and explore the datasheets to learn additional details!


  • Excellent Response and Residual Energy Reduction
  • Compact TNC to SMA Bulkhead Protector
  • Low VSWR and Insertion Loss
  • Multi-strike, Rugged and Waterproof


Product Page Links:





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Compact Form Factors and Unique Packaging Allows Arrestors To Fit In Tight Spaces – Arrestor Design Spotlight

As one of NexTek’s primary product lines, our range of Coaxial Surge Protectors is designed to cover a wide range of potential application requirements with high-performance, military-grade designs that are built using top-notch quality control systems.  One of the many factors that makes NexTek’s line of solutions unique is our use of compact form factor designs and unique physical packaging to provide the optimal solution for even the tightest application!Lightning Arrestor, TNC to SMA, Bulkhead-Mount, DC to 12GHz

Why are Compact Form Factors Important?: Although you may have a requirement for surge or lighting protection, sometimes the space available for installing the solution can be limited.  Space could be limited because your overall radio or system is compact, or due to the fact that surge protection is being added to an existing design (i.e. a retrofit effort.)

How do NexTek Solutions Differ?: There are two major ways that NexTek’s line of arrestor products is unique from other lines that might be available.  ONE – All NexTek designs are optimized to save as much size, weight, and space as reasonably possible.  From our bread-and-butter high volume units to extremely compact 6GHz and 12GHz+ arrestors, our range of solutions features space-saving design.  TWO – NexTek offers modified and customized versions of our standard arrestors to meet any requirements, and can even design a unique solution from the ground-up for the most challenging requirement sets.

TNF-SAF 20G Outline
Ultra-Compact TNC to SMA Surge Protection – DC to 12GHz+

Example of Nextek Methods:  Our TNC to SMA connector surge protection product, the PTCTNFSAF20G is rated to pass RF energy up to 12GHz+.  In fact, it will perform just as well as a high-quality TNC to SMA bulkhead-mount adapter in terms of Insertion Loss and VSWR…It even looks the same as a TNC to SMA bulkhead feedthrough, with a similar overall form factor, length, etc.  However, due to NexTek’s extensive experience and expertise in component selection, we are able to install full-scale Lightning Protection components inside without creating any obvious physical growth relative to a non-protected bulkhead adapter.

Summary: No matter the threat type and level (Lightning, ESD, high-speed EMP,) NexTek has the experience and expertise in-house to learn your specific set of requirements and to select the ideal standard product, modify an existing product, or develop an entirely new custom solution as-needed!  Contact Us for more information!

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