Coming Soon To Our Lineup… A High Current Pi-Filter (C-L-C) for Maximum EMI Suppression

We have been designing and building feedthrough EMI Filters for high current (30Amps and above) AC and DC applications for nearly 30 years now. There have been multiple design iterations and some important innovations over this time period, but our filter products have been limited to C-Type filters only.
However, this is all about to change! Coming soon, we have a brand-new Pi Filter design for high-current applications. C-L-C Circuit Design means a sharper Insertion Loss curve once the filter turns on, and higher maximum filtering figures approaching 100dB of Loss.

A Small Preview of Design Features:

  • C-L-C aka Pi Filter Configuration
  • Extremely Compact Package for 180Amperes of Thru-Current
  • Available in a Wide Range of AC and DC Voltage Ratings
  • Optional Transient Suppression Available

Expect to learn more over the coming months as Datasheets, Product Pages, and more information will be available soon!

Are Compact Form Factors Important when Selecting an EMI Filter? – Feedthrough Filter Design Spotlight

High Current Feedthrough Filter - Installation ExampleFeedthrough EMI/RFI filters are available with many different form factors and circuit designs…From simple C-type filters to L-C and multistage “Pi” filters (C-L-C), there is a wide range of solutions that exist on the market. For many applications where space is at a premium, selecting the most compact filter that will meet requirements can be a critical design and component-selection factor!  In other words, compact solutions can be extremely important!

Practical Example: Oftentimes during the design of complex piece of high-power equipment, EMI/RFI testing and compliance must be done well after the initial design and development stages. This can be due to incorrect modeling or estimates of EMI/RFI levels, too little attention being paid the issue in general, or the application of a new requirement sometime down the line. If you are facing the challenge of adding a filter to an existing design and system where there was never a filter previously, filter size becomes critical!

Summary: There is a wide range of available filter designs, form factors, and circuit designs available on the market today, but there are many applications and programs where a Compact Form Factor is just as important to the selection process as the basic filter performance factors (such as xx dB of Insertion Loss and the thru-current rating.)

How do NexTek solutions differ?:  NexTek’s HPR family of high current filters are C-type devices and utilize small form factor capacitors inside, which saves the maximum amount of space, footprint, and weight for a given thru-current rating.  This allows maximum filtering performance with minimal space impact! Continue reading “Are Compact Form Factors Important when Selecting an EMI Filter? – Feedthrough Filter Design Spotlight”