Coming Soon To Our Lineup… A High Current Pi-Filter (C-L-C) for Maximum EMI Suppression

We have been designing and building feedthrough EMI Filters for high current (30Amps and above) AC and DC applications for nearly 30 years now. There have been multiple design iterations and some important innovations over this time period, but our filter products have been limited to C-Type filters only.
However, this is all about to change! Coming soon, we have a brand-new Pi Filter design for high-current applications. C-L-C Circuit Design means a sharper Insertion Loss curve once the filter turns on, and higher maximum filtering figures approaching 100dB of Loss.

A Small Preview of Design Features:

  • C-L-C aka Pi Filter Configuration
  • Extremely Compact Package for 180Amperes of Thru-Current
  • Available in a Wide Range of AC and DC Voltage Ratings
  • Optional Transient Suppression Available

Expect to learn more over the coming months as Datasheets, Product Pages, and more information will be available soon!

Did You Know?: NexTek Feedthrough Filters Enable Laser System EMC Compliance

Laser Cutting Head

Are you developing a Laser System for Industrial, Medical, or other Commercial use?  Is your system prepared for regulatory compliance testing, specifically EMC testing for Emissions and Susceptibility?  Have you identified a filter solution that is rated for enough current but also compact enough to fit almost anywhere?

HPR Filter - Before and After

You don’t have to look any further…. For years, NexTek HPR series filters have been trusted to ensure Industrial Laser systems are fully protected against all EMC-related threats.

High Power Laser systems are demanding applications, and NexTek’s HPR series are the preferred High Current EMI solution for some of the world’s leading Industrial Laser Manufacturers.

When high performance, compact size, and high current ratings are required…NexTek EMI Filters are the solution!

HPR Feedthrough Filter (HPR140) - Installation Example

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Website Update: Threat Type Pages – EMI/RFI Emissions and Susceptibility

NexTek is proud to announce the addition of two new pages our site, The new sub-pages cover the main Threat Types associated with Electro-Magnetic and Radio Frequency Interference challenges;  Emissions and Susceptibility/Vulnerability.  NexTek has nearly 30 Years of experience in solving challenging EMC problems and issues, and our standard line of high current feedthrough filters provide excellent EMI/RFI filtering to 1GHz and beyond!

A 40th Flight Test Squadron F-16 Fighting Falcon sits in the anechoic chamber after completion of the initial round of testing simulations on the new M-7 software upgrade Oct. 30, 2014, at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. The M-7 software package will provide multiple advanced capabilities to the aircraft. The anechoic chamber is a room designed to stop reflections of either sound or electromagnetic waves. The room is insulated from exterior sources of noise. The room is part of a facility that allows testing of air-to-air and air-to-surface munitions and electronics systems on full-scale aircraft and land vehicles prior to open-air testing. (U.S. Air Force photo/Samuel King Jr.)

What prompts concerns about EMI/RFI issues?  Sometimes it is a practical concern which creates the need to look at these issues, such as the ensured functionality and safety of a new vehicle design.   Other times it can be a specific EMC-related standard which applies to a given system or piece of equipment which lays out noise limits (in dBm, for example) across the Frequency Spectrum.

To learn more about how and why EMI/RFI Filters are used, follow the jumps below and learn more about two major (and closely related!) EMC topics, Emissions and Susceptibility.


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