New Page – Coverage Map and Directory for NexTek International Agents and Partners

New International Partners Page

We are very happy to announce a brand new directory page, listing all of our International Agents and Partners around the world!

This page includes contact information for each partner, as well as a link to their website.  This page will be updated regularly to reflect active relationships, so check back often and contact NexTek directly with any additional questions or queries.

How We Select Partners

We are continuing to expand our coverage internationally, so that our customers can have local access to our products, expertise, and technical support.  Each company that we partner with has been selected with the utmost care, in order to develop mutually beneficial relationships that will truly expand NexTek’s presence while maintaining the same high level of expertise and support that we provide to our customers United States where we are based!

The selection criteria used here have been developed during our recent Sales Team expansion efforts over the past year, which have led to many new partnerships covering various regions of the United States.

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International Agents and Partners – Map and Directory

Domestic (U.S.) Distributors and Representatives – Map and Directory

Lionheart Northwest Joins the NexTek Sales Team – New Rep Coverage for the Pacific Northwest!

Once again, we are excited to be able to announce a new local sales representation partnership…  This time providing full technical sales coverage in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Learn more about Lionheart by visiting their website here (click the logo below!)

And to learn more and see our entire list of U.S. partners including a map of coverage, visit our Domestic Reps and Distributors page.


Proudly Announcing a New Local Representation Agreement – NexTek Partners with RF Microwave Sales to Provide Coverage to the Southwest US!

Continuing our push to expand our Local Sales Representation coverage across the United States in 2016, we are extremely excited to announce a new partnership with RF Microwave Sales.

As with all of our recent representation agreements, we are looking forward to being able to provide local support and points of contact for our customers.  We will work to forge a successful and growing partnership in order to better serve each area, and in-turn to provide our customers (longtime, new, or prospective!) with the highest level of service possible.

us_states_and_territories_-nt-reps-mapHere at NexTek, we are focused on providing high quality technical solutions to complex EMC problems.  With solutions ranging from our standard product families all the way to fully custom solutions, we can make the ideal recommendation for your exact needs once we understand your requirements.  Having local partners to help work through this process with each customer will allow us to solve more problems, more efficiently, and more quickly!

We can add RF Microwave to the growing list of cutting-edge technical sales representation firms we have partnered with, and we will not stop here!

If you are wondering who we have covering your area, check out the entire Map and find relevant Contact Info HERE!

Expanding Our Coverage – NexTek Announces New Partnership with S&S Technology Covering Southern California and Southern Nevada

Once again, we are proud to share the news that NexTek has formed a brand-new partnership agreement with a leading-edge RF Component Sales Team, S&S Technology, Inc out of Southern California.  As we continue to expand our Representation Network to cover the map, we are excited to be able to provide the highest level of local support for all of our customers.

If you are located in Southern California or Southern Nevada and you are a current customer, considering using our products, or just someone curious to know more about the solutions that we provide… Please get in touch with S&S Technology or NexTek directly for an introduction to the team!

Domestic Reps and Distrubutors Page – Including Coverage Map


S&S Technology, Inc. 

New Partner Announcement – Biggs and Associates are now Representing NexTek in the South Central United States

US_states_and_territories_ - NT Reps Map

We are excited and proud to announce another new Sales Representation agreement between NexTek and Biggs & Associates. Covering the Southern Central U.S., this new partnership gives us full coverage of the Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma areas.

As is the case with our other partnerships…When you combine an experienced team of local reps with comprehensive factory support, it gives us the ability to work hand-in-hand and provide full-spectrum service for any customers within the coverage area.

Whether you have a simple requirement or question, or you would like to work closely with us to specify and engineer and custom solution to meet a demanding requirements set…NexTek and Biggs & Associates are ready to serve your needs in any way we can!

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Domestic Reps and Distributors Page (link)

Recent News – New Representatives: (Link 1) and (Link 2)

Revised PTC-F02 – Datasheet Now Available

Special Announcement – PTC-F02 Design Revision and Updated Datasheet


For those customers who are currently using or considering the use of our 75Ohm F Type Arrestor [P/N PTC-F02], we have an updated datasheet and drawings to share with you!

Up until recently, the PTC-F02 has been one of our oldest designs.  Developed in partnership with a large Internet Service Provider in the 1990s, this unit provided cutting-edge performance for the time and remains the highest performing F-Type lightning arrestor available.  However, we wanted to incorporate some of the modern design and manufacturing techniques that we have developed since this unit was first made, and as a result we have given it a complete revision and update.

All outer dimensions are generally the same, and all of the specific thread sizes and diameters remain identical to the original. In other words… you will not notice a difference, and instead you will continue to experience class-leading protection and performance for 75Ohm TV/Cable/Satellite or Intermediate Frequency (IF) line applications.

Check out the updated datasheet below!

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PTC-F02 Product Page

Application Spotlight – Cable/TV/Satellite Protection

Announcement – Our Sales and Distribution Team is Expanding!

We are extremely proud to announce that NexTek’s Sales Representation and Distribution Team is expanding!

We have two new Sales Representation firms covering Region 1 (New England and Upstate NY) and Region 2 (Mid-Atlantic, NJ, Metro NY), in the form of brand new partnerships with MMS Technical Sales and ATM (Advanced Technical Marketing).

MMS logo - tiny

ATM logo - sm


The other exciting recent addition to our Sales and Distribution team is Powell, who provide Distribution and Sales of NexTek solutions nationwide as a part of their vast selection of electrical and connector components.


Check out the brand-new U.S. Sales and Distribution Contact List page to learn more about the Sales Representatives covering your territory.   On the same page you will also find links to NexTek’s Distributors.

Learn more following the jump to the new page, and clicking through to find out about each of our partners!

Rep and Disty Graphic

Also…keep an eye out for more additions to the NexTek team in the coming months!

Updated Product Family Pages! – Featuring New Articles & Selection Guides

Today, we are proud to highlight our latest updates to, in the form of newly revised and expanded Product Home Pages for our Arrestor and Filter lines!

Arrestors Cheat Sheet - Screenshot

These pages have been updated with links to One Page “Cheat Sheet” Selection Guides for each line, as well as many new links to useful Technical Articles and White Papers.  Now these pages contain even more information, tools, and links than ever before in order to help anyone become an expert on Surge Protection and EMI Filtering.

Check out the new pages here:


Now Available – One Page “Cheat Sheets” for Arrestor and Filter Product Lines!

We are proud to announce the upload of two Brand New product information and product selection tools to our website!

These latest pieces of content are focused single-page “Cheat Sheets” for each product line, covering everything you need to know about each product type on a single sheet!

Included on each Cheat Sheet:

  • Input on what to look for and how to identify surge protection requirements
  • Information about what makes NexTek solutions unique
  • A List of Market and Application Examples
  • A List of Critical Product Selection Questions

These new tools will be especially useful for potential customers who are looking to learn as much as possible in a reasonably quick manner, and also for folks who want a handy guide to keep in their pocket for whenever they encounter new requirements!

Click Through To Open Cheat Sheet .PDFs:

NexTek, Inc – Cheat Sheet – Coaxial Arrestors (.PDF)Arrestors Cheat Sheet - Screenshot

NexTek, Inc – Cheat Sheet – High Current Filters (.PDF)Filters Cheat Sheet - Screenshot (2)

New Selection Tool – One-Page Coaxial Arrestor Selection Guide!

Are you looking for a quick and easy visual aide to assist in selecting the proper coaxial lightning and surge arrestor for your application?  Are you wondering which NexTek arrestor families offer a solution with the right combination of RF Pass Band and Connector Type to meet your needs?

If so…you are in luck! We have just made a new single-page visual selection guide now available on!  This handy .PDF version contains active hyperlinks to each Product Family page on, so that you can go directly there to learn more and start browsing!

Visual Product Selection Guide – Coaxial Lightning Arrestors by Connector Type and Frequency Range (.PDF)

Arrestors by Frequency and Connector Type


See Also

Also, remember that we have a Dynamic Product Finder tool for our Coaxial Arrestor line.

Coaxial Arrestors – Product Family Home Page (link)